Monday, 22 December 2008

Edna has arrived

well last Thursday saw Ali and I going to meet Janet to collect our new to us wheels. Mine is called Edna and Ali is thinking of a name at the moment.

Once we got out of the Hospital after an appointment to meet. We went to Cafe Continental and had a lovely meal of Macaronni and cheese with extra onion rings Yummy. They have half portions available but of course I didn't take it and neither did Ali.

We then went along to Flava to wait for our S&B group to start.

It was an early start due to some having to leave early coz their baby would be breaking the law if she stayed after 8 o'clock..And the lovely couple who were babysitting their friends daughter. We were all excited as it was secret santa night. Once we had all arrived Santa came and well what a lot of lovely and talented people give to santa. I was so lucky I got a lovely pair of fingerless mitts in Moss stitch (seed stitch) in 50 0/0 alpaca and 50 0/0 silk ........yummy. I also got a lovely long scarf in 100 0/0 wool both are in lovely shades the mitts a very blue red colour and the scarf is varigated reds and really lovely too.

I had a very sore throat on the night and I think most of the members found it amusing to see me struggling to get myself heard, so not normal for This cold virus has taken its toll this winter and many of my friends have had real problems. I haven't improved and had some unexplained spots appear too that really are sore. Well visit to G.P. and well I have a case of the on high doses of medication for the next week and must say finding the pain a bit more than sore so now having pain killers too.

Knitting this week is all about getting the kilt hose finished it has been such a mammoth task this time not sure why they are taking me so long. But got both to the heel turn and have now turned one and am along the foot so should get that finished tonight, tomorrow morning and then it is onto the last heel/foot and a wash tomorrow evening, blocking and drying and a very quick wrapping session on Thursday morning if not before.........Will take photos tomorrow and post them when I do.

I want to wish all my friends a very healthy and happy Christmas and well 2009 to be all they would like it to be.

Must start thinking about my New years resolutions.........any ideas..

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Holiday when? Did I have one?

Odd title? No not really I have had a holiday and a wondeful one it was too but the world seems to have rushed in again a bit too quickly for me... So I am going to take a wee breath again tomorrow morning and go out with D.D. to Oban..... bliss.

Well the holiday at Loch Tay was wonderful we had really lovely snowy weather and well the frost kept crisp and lovely.

This is the view of the cottages one afternoon when the sun was low and lighting up the forest behind us.. Gorgeous or what..

We did lots of walks and I am not sure who was most tired one day me or Red. We were so lucky on that walk we got to be quite close to a soaring Red Kite. Rob and I were breathless with its beauty and serenity up above our frozen world. Red was not impressed think he thought it was his out of fit mum wanting a break in the walk to catch her Not that time but most times he would be correct. This walk was a bit of an impromptue one and well after a good 4 miles we came across an 8 foot deer fence and locked gate. Now locked gate and tall style and a greyhound.... Well after much scratching of heads, walking along fences etc we eventually lifted the gate of its hinges. Got Red through and then it was a good 10mins trying to put the blasted thing back on the hinges... Anyway off we trudged again....

Here is a photo of the two of us carrying on with the walk while Rob was taking some photo's of the fantastic views. Then after another half a mile we came across exactly the same a big fence and a big locked gate. Then hinges were rusted on but we did manage to find a smallish hole in one of the fences and picked up and pushed poor we Red through it much to his disgust he is one regal boy and this was definately below his dignity..

Will find some photo's of the regal boy soon promise. Anyway the walk finished it took 3 hours for 5 3/4miles and I was proud of how well I managed the first hill climb in the snow and ice without my walking poles (yes I forgot them again).

The holiday was just what we both needed time away from clients and just walking eating drinking and vegging.. The eating and drinking was helped by the wonderful Kenmore Hotel which allowed dogs in the bar area and had a super big log fire for Red and his mummy and daddy to relax in front of. Across from our cottage was a lovely food and gifts place called the Courtyard and well lots of christmas presents got bought there as well as a highlight of the week dinner for Rob Haggis Lasgne he loved it sounds strange but recommended by him..The rest of the time we just sat read books ( I of course knitted and knitted) . We had a couple of trips out in the car and went to Avimore, Pitlochry and Queens view (this was followed by a lively stop at Posttaste, at Kinloch Rannock. A wee postoffice which has diversified to a cafe with licence and on this occasion was holding the local ladies group christmas lunch. I can only say as a member of a Asbo group they would also

The final thought and memory about the cottage was the size of its bed..!!!!!! one of the biggest beds I have ever seen... Wow you could have fitted the whole Scotland Rugby team and us in it... lol.

Back home well I have been to my Gallery knitting group who have all been busy with their holiday knitting while I was away but also doing Teddies for Tragedies here are a few photos of the girls and the teddies too.

Crissie and Joanne having a blether and a pile of teddies on the table too.

Leonie Jo Crissie My empty chair and my mum Joy.

The other side of the table is Mary with her carrer Linda (I think) Jo and Amber.
Sadly Jenny and Isa were not with us this week and our friend Ann is back in the states till sometime January.

Bit closer view of the teddies over Ali's shoulder.
I then went to the christmas meal at the Rural last night and was a member of the winning quiz team but got knocked out of musical arms quite quickly.... Santa came to see us and well lets just say he was a big tall stranger who had a wicked sense of humour..
Today after a 2 hour wait to see the doctor just to be told to call back the next day... And finding that I have got one very cold house. The holiday just seems to be long ago..

but sharing some of this with you my mates well it has reminded me of all the fun I had and do have all the time. I just hope that my Uncle George gets better very very quickly.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

First Snow today

Brrrrrrrr. Well not been on the blog for a wee while, been a real busy few weeks. Managed to get to my first spinning class and loved it. ops still not taken a photo of the finished yarn yet doh....I am now eagerly waiting for my wheel who will be called Edna. I am so excited. I have had some lovely catching up sessions with friends and after meditation this morning I sat at Benmore Cafe and watched 3 Red Squirrels squabble over a nut dispenser they were so very funny and so quick. They can scale a Red Wood in seconds while spiralling around it too. While this was happening I was also witness to some Jays trying to pluck up the courage to land on the feeding table while two Robins squared up to each other. It was such a privilage to watch this all the better after a lovely mediation amongst the set tables for St Andrews day party. Thanks to Ali, Edna, and two newer ladies for the lovely meditation energy this morning. The snow just made it more beautiful when we walked out into the cold. Bliss.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Well what a brill weekend. I managed to spend no money and some how managed not to do much knitting! (I know that is not a good thing but my wee body needed to have a real break) So I did lots of just organising my kitchen and stash and sewing / button box. All jobs I feel a wee bit smug about. lol.

I am back at the dreaded weight watchers and have had a good week so far. Not many blips and a couple of really good saying no to naughty choices...(the slimmer me is in there I just need to find her).

So with this new found committment I have had a far few extra walks. Poor Red is a wee bit lame will need to give him a few less walks. I have been along to a new class called Restorative Yoga and really was amazed at how happy I felt to be there. Jude is a lovely tutor and her hubby doing the stretches alongside made some nice eye candy for all of us. Hope neither her or my D.H. read this blog or I could be in trouble. I also managed to do the dog thing with my toes tucked under it wasn't a strain and she worked us up to it so that is good. The relaxation was brill and I could have stayed for longer. I also liked the chanting at the end om and shanti was really lovely and the male voices really do vibrate.

So got up this morning and body feels a bit well there. Not sore but definately there. So that is good.

The two knitting groups over this side I go to are going really well. Mondays more mature group are very interesting to listen too learning so much about how things happened in the area over the last 60+years. The Tuesday group well that goes from strength to strength. Our member who lives in the States was missed but she will be back again probably in January. Great fun was had when the cheese scones came through straight from the oven and no I didn't have one SAINT SANDY is how I should be known from now on lol....

I am now trying my first lace pattern following a chart..... Well perhaps that should be I have frogged my 7th attempt just now and written on ravelry for help... If it doesn't get sorted soon I will just give up again....bah humbug.

On the most exciting front I am only 5 days from my first spinning class wow I am so excited.

Oho D.H. arrived and wants the computor.

Will get back when I can.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

phew need to stop soon

Hi guys and girls, well what a few weeks I have had. I spent most of the last 3weeks knitting frantically so that I would have some crafts to sell at the big craft fayre in Dunoon. Phew made it. I am promising myself some fun knitting now as it has been noticeable that I haven't enjoyed this pressure. So have promised myself to knit some things every month for next years stall and then I won't have to produce something at the last minute.

I would love to also remember to finish off everything to the end before starting something else. hmmmm well that is the I know the roads are paved with good intentions..

So what else have I been doing this last month...

I have been instrumental in the starting of two new knitting groups. One is being held at a local gallery on a Tuesday morning and we have had some really lovely new people and I want to take a moment to mention here that Ann you are already missed. We loved hearing all about your spinning and soap making and look forward to seeing you again when you are back for another visit from the States.

The other group is being held at my local village hall and although open to all does mainly consist of our local rural group. This an interesting group for me as most of the members are over 60+ and some of the tales that get told are just amazing and often very amusing.

So with all this knitting and socialising I have only managed to keep my holistic therapy business ticking along. The bank manager would like me to give it more attention I know.

The weather has actually been quite good for a few days and tho it is not too good today that is not a problem because we have an appointment to watch the Rugby this afternoon.

Thinking of watching things "Quantum of Solace". Hmmmm We have always loved the James Bond films and think Daniel Craig is brill. But I was a bit disappointed with this film. I am not sure what happened. It has good car chases, lots and lots of action but somehow I just didn't get the feeling of suspense I expected. This film somehow managed to underwhelm me and my hubby. (Rob is a real Bond Film fan). I Don't think having the film interrupted in the middle helped. The sound carried on but alas no picture and due to now not having a projectionist in each screen room it was over 10 mins before this was corrected. This may have made a difference to the suspense but still I left feeling a bit flat...On a positive note wow were the seats really really comfortable for the first time ever well done The Odeon at Escape in Glasgow the new seating is brill...

Now for a Nancy update. Well Rob and I took her out on Sunday for a birthday ride with the club. Alas she broke. Rob and I managed to bend 3 rings on the cassette so she was stuck in gears which meant any small incline was really tough. So the ride was taken down to levelish ground and we still had a lovely ride. Finished off with tea and coffee (thanks Helen) and Brioche and cake (thanks Jerry for the former). It was a lovely end to a really social ride. The club is also growing and a night ride on Tuesday followed. I unfortunately couldn't take part because of the broken cassette on Nancy. She should be mended by tomorrow so we can take her out again very soon.

Red is now better and enjoying going for walks again and I am about to knit him a wee jacket to help keep him warm in drafty cold Milton.....(wood burner needed very soon).

Well I am shattered just reading this but I want to read a book now learnt from a friend about spinning and have a go at some spindle spinning which she has kindly learnt me too. (thanks Mhari)

Not much on this week but at the weekend I am off over the water to a spinning class and can't wait I really like the idea of making something from start to finish. So not only do I want to knit I would love to manage to spin too.

So on this momentous week when America gets its first Black President I am happy to say that I was alive to see this. The world can only be a better place.

Meta Sandy

Monday, 6 October 2008

Wow what a wonderful few days

Well where do I start.....

Firstly it is Cowal Fest at the moment a wonderful event here in Cowal. Lots and Lots of locals volunteer to run walks and other events to do with arts and walking/leisure in the area. So the first event I was involved in was the Health Fayre. I am a member of Well Therapies a wee group of various holistic therapists from the area and we put on an open afternoon on Saturday. We had two reflexologists, one craniosacral, one kinesiologist, one breathing worker, one shiatsu therapist, one hypnotherapist and a wonderful friend who ran a meditation work shop. The event was held in the lovely hall at Strachur and well all I can only describe it as a wonderful afternoon to be involved in. I am also very tempted to go along to see the hypnotherapist that was there. More about that later.

While I was doing this Lindsay ran a ladies only mountain bike ride. This was a first for Cowal Fest and all I can say is wow what a brilliant woman Lindsay has grown into. There was an unfortunate equipment malfunction on one of the ladies bikes which resulted in a very fast crash over a river at the bottom of a hill............... After a couple of minutes of unconsciousness she came too and as the ambulance couldn't get to them the others managed to get her to the ambulance about 1/2 a mile away...Cutting a long story short she went to the hospital, was discharged taken home by Lindsay and Ann-Marie and when they eventually got home to get out of their very wet clothes Lindsay was quite blue and not feeling great. What a star and am I one proud mum. I have spoken to the poor casualty today and she is well a bit headachey still but well.
Also Rob was running a mammoth ride starting at Argarten and going over the top to Lochgoilhead (pub lunch and dry out) then back over the top another route past The Rest and Be Thankful and down to Argarten again. (oh how pleased I am that I was indoors did it rain....).
So Sunday dawns to all of us going off for another ride this time starting in Dunoon and going up past Bishops Glen around and up and up (lots of bog snorkeling) and then a couple of brilliant down hills and up again (do I dislike the wee whipper snapper that did this with no hardship at all.) He just kept going on and on and on.. sadly we missed seeing the QE2 coming up the Clyde to say goodbye for the last time.
Then down a lovely track known locally as the bomb hole track...yes it has a big dip in it..and a fast down hill to the car park and cake from the boot of our car. 14 riders did this and we all seemed to have a really good day even the poor woman who when trudging up the ploughed field (not really but churned up by the forestry) lost not one but both of her shoes in knee deep sludge. She completed the climb to the track in socks and then had to put on her shoes when it was bike able again. If anyone has any clout with the forestry can they put a wee word in for us to make this a wee link that is surfaced so the two downhills can be linked with out the bog snorkeling lol.

So as we missed the lovely QE2 on her way up. Rob myself Janet and Jenny went out in the dark to watch the fireworks and her departure. She was majestic, huge and stately and wow when she sounded her horn well the ground shook (Ann-Marie reported that her windows shook at her flat in Sandbank). We ended up following her down the length of the front thro Dunoon, Innellan and down to Toward point. All along the way various people set of fireworks and well it really made us proud. We have only been in the area for 6 years but we felt the love all around from the locals to her and we wish her well in her new job. She will finish her farewell trip around British waters, one more Atlantic crossing and then she is off to Dubai to become a floating hotel there.
So now it is Monday and yes I should have had a wee resting day as my M.E. is a bit troublesome at the moment. Tonight I went on a dusk walk setting of from Benmore Gardens and although the weather was once again abysmal I learnt loads and we even saw a few soprano pipestrelles
We know that it was this type of pipestrelle not one of the other two types because we had a lovely wee gadget which was tuned in to 55 kHz(think that was what range it was) which is the frequency they omit. Well lets just say that having six of these gadgets pinpointing when one was flying towards you did help allow everyone to look in the correct place and we were able to see the wonderfully erratic flightpath of this lovely little bat.

The weather intervened with the Moth trapping and a wee cat found the dog food before the hedgehogs but it was still a wonderful walk with two amazingly knowledgeable park rangers and I now know what and where to look for an otter. I learnt that what I have always thought as a very noisy bird squawking screech in fact is a Red Squirrel..I know a lot more about Lichens and well they managed to leave me wanting more...

So I have had a wonderfully busy but exciting few days and the week has more to come... a launch of a club, Macbeth and also a real food forage. So lots to tell you all in the future.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

from little acorns lots of seeds can grow.

Well how amazing it is when you mention around about that you would like access to a knitting group nearer than over the water to go too. Months later you decide to start one of your own and as this is about to happen another source is starting one in response to you. Well now I am about to launch a Stitch and Bitch at The gallery at Blairmore, our local Womens Rural met for the first time last night this season and yes you've guessed it they want to start one too although it will be called Knit and natter. The average age is 70+ at our W.R. so it is only to be expected. So suddenly I am about to be involved in three different knitting social groups how lucky am I?

I was lucky last night to find that the speaker was Isobel from Millcroft Lavender, we were treated to a lovely talk about the way her wee business had started as a way to occupy her hands while she was having to rest while pregnant. The business now employs both her and Alistair full time and various other crafts people along the way. She outlined that the company tries to use local and tradional means to source their products. So we heard about the lovely lady whose family have been weaving Harris tweed for lifetimes who wove a whole bundle of tweed just for Millcroft. So it is a testement to Isobel's hard work and flair for business as well as a unequalled talented crafts person that this small independant business is now being hearalded as a wonder and I can recommend a visit. There is always a welcome, a good amount of home baking and a wonderful array of crafted goods.

On a more personal note Nancy arrived. Nancy is our new tandem frame and here are a couple of picks of my darling Rob unpacking her last night.

Doesn't he look proud....

wow what a stunner she is don't you all agree?
I am now not going to see much of Rob because he wants her built by the weekend so tonight is the bottom brackets...

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

wet wet day

Hi well it is wet once again here in scotland. I am now having to use my lightbox to help with SAD. It really helps thought about it for years but when my ultra fit g.p. admitted that she uses one even tho she goes out jogging etc every day I thought why not give it a try and yep it is good. I use it while knitting and it does help with seeing better too.

Well I have almost completed all my bits and pieces for my swap sporan. And I am so excited, just a wee bit of finishing up to do.

I am having a wee bit of a struggle with the dreaded M.E. at the moment but as usual it will be ok as long as I start to really listen to my poor body. So not as much charging around and also need to eat properly.

Nancy is due today (our new tandem frame) and also a lovely new yarn from a new supplier so excitement all round.

On a silly note I managed to lay on my Brittany 4mm needles and yep I snapped them doh dipstick I know.

I saw my lovely granddaughter yesterday and she is a wee minx. She is a stubborn wee monkey sometimes and giving her mum and dad a merry dance. Tantrums are the order of the day now. Oh I so remember it from Lindsay and Ann-marie, it seems like only yesterday which is worrying as it is over 25yrs and 23yrs argh I must be getting old!!

And policemen are getting younger, I know coz stan and Ellie are up this weekend and well he is so young looking and he does such a wonderful job. I am in awe of how all Lindsay's friends have grown up so quickly and doing such amazing things.

Well it is now time for a cuppa tea so I am off to sit down with my feet up and do some knitting

Take care of your selves and hugs from me to you all.

Monday, 22 September 2008

It is sunny

Hurray, it has eventually stopped raining. Oh doesn't it help so much. The weather is such an influence in our lives. Why I don't know as we can't change what happens. I try not to moan about it but after this summer anyone would have had enough of wet wet wetness.

Any way I was in contact with a pal this week and found that I was really missing seeing her. I have had almost daily contact thro texts, calls and emails for the last 5 years but today I really just wanted some of that human contact you only get face to face and hug to hug.

We do tend to take seeing our friends for granted and I am just happy to have such good friends. And at least they are able to be in contact thro all this technology. I still miss my hand held letters but it is nice to hear back much sooner and then at least your questions and answers tend not to cross in the post and you can have a wee bit less of a stilted conversation.

Now I know this should be a knitting blog so back to knitting things. Well this week I came across that familiar conundrum. I want to knit this and with my mighty stash I just don't have the correct yarn. Now the O.H. won't believe this and last night when I kept getting up from the sofa and pacing around in the middle of film we both wanted to watch he ended up saying what is the problem. Well I daren't tell him this so I said I was lost looking for something easy suitable for knitting in front of a film.... A wee smart lie I feel.

This week I have finished two bags and a small purse. All felted and I am only happy with one at the moment. I think now that I am able to sell my creations at a local gallery I will be much less happy with my things just because it will seem that someone is judging my work. Silly I know coz I knit for my pleasure. So I will have to look into how to kerb this negative reaction.

Must be time for my light box to become aired a bit more. How I love my light box. Without it I found it hard the first few winters up in Bonnie Scotland. How people further north cope with longer darker winters is beyond me. Perhaps if you are born to it, it is easier.

My swap items are going well. I am loving meeting more knitters who love Jamie and Claire as much as me... Hmmm brain having to work a lot tho.

I always start writing this hoping to be funny and witty but seem to find that it becomes a bit of a ramble so thank you for reading my ramble and one day you never know it maybe amusing....

Friday, 19 September 2008

getting more motivated

Well today is a really humbling day. I have met some really inspirational people today who just reminded me that life can be a bit harsh but the human spirit is strong. After this I decided to get myself motivated and I have sorted out some of those jobs I have managed to put off for what ever reasons. Wow does that feel good. I have now got a local outlet for some of my knitted goods. I am so impressed I just went in and actually got it sorted. The owner had asked to see some of them but I didn't really think she would want them...

So I know have a lovely gallery who is displaying some of my knitting along with that of my best friends too. So we are all feeling so clever....

I was walking my lovely Red today and saw a really beautiful pebble in the loch side. When I went down to the waters edge to pick it up. I stopped just to look and in the end decided it was better left there. Out of the water the colour would be different and who knows what may need it to hide them another time.

Gosh having read thro this I have realised what a perfect day it has been and I hope if anyone reading this has had a rotten day it will help them to remember nothing stays the same. The bad times change and so do the good times but if you remember nothing stays the same it really can be liberating.

Now on a lighter more flip note. Does anyone know where I put my favourite sloopy jumper? Yep I have tidied up and don't know where anything is any more.....doh...

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wedding in Germany

Well what a lovely time we had in Bremen. We went to our bestman Jeremy's wedding he married Annette on Friday at 4pm at the cathedral in Bremen town centre. It was a lovely service and the bride and groom had a ball arriving by horse and carriage and leaving the same way. We spent a total of 5 days in the beautiful city and want to go back sometime to explore even more. The weather was very very warm with 28degrees at 4 on the day we arrived.

The trams are the most efficient and amazing way to get around and we had good fun travelling to and fro every day. Rob even went in his kilt to the wedding on the tram and lots of people were very interested in him !!!! I spent the trips knitting and must say it did seem to be something that they had not seen much before. No one smiled but many did stare. I had one wee man with his zimmer sit next to me and keep looking then laughing but he was probably noticing that I had lost one of my dpns. I only noticed when I stood up.

I have come back feeling very humble at how bad I am at languages and wishing I had tried harder in the past. I am determined to start lessons and think it may be spanish as I know a spanish friend and she would be a good help.

I managed to get a wee cold and cough when I got back here in wet Scotland, so I am sitting up only to knit and drink tea at the moment but once I have another nights sleep and maybe some hot toddies I am sure I will be fighting fit very soon.

I have finished my wee granddaughters socks and she is going to be able to wear them as welly socks to begin with but that is good as the wellies are a wee bit big.

I am at the moment about to cast on for my daughters socks. But I also want to start a wee project for my spoilee in my outlander swap. I won't say much more coz she may just read this blog...

I went to Oban yesterday with Jo and Ali and we had a lovely day. It was an official birthday day out for Ali. So we went to invereray and had a wee drink and piece of cake for mid morning. Once at Oban we then had to visit the Chocolate shop so a lovely couple of chocs each and another we drink. Then it was hit the wool shop. Wow did we love it at Whitemore and ? must look that up I can't remember now. doh. Used to call these episodes blonde moments but think they may now have to be classed as Senior moments. Anyway we had a lovely time. I got a hank for my spoilee and a wee card too. I am really enjoying getting organised for this outlander swap. For those of you who don't know it as outlander the first book was called Cross stitch over here. I was given one to read by Jo and well I was hooked. I now have read all the books printed to date and am eagerly waiting for the next one.

Well I am now feeling a bit tired so will stop for now. I will have to work out how to post pics sometime and then I can put more into this blog.

Monday, 8 September 2008

going curly

Hi well it is a couple of weeks since I last spoke on my blog. If i am honest it took me ages today to remember how to get into the writing area of the blog lol.

well as the title lets you know I have suddenly decided to go curly...I have kept my asymetric cut but it is now very very curly. I feel so glamourous. Now why did I do this well two reasons really. As those of you who know me personally will know lately the hot flushes have been really bad and when one comes on I am dreanched face, body and hair is plastered. I have a wedding this week in Bremen and I want to feel glamourous so curls were the only way to go. It will survive a drenching so I will still feel glamourous while seriptiously wiping my wet brow...

On the dog front we still miss Dave. We had a wee girl collie to come along for the weekend but although she was adorable she was not in the right home. She was only 16months old and so was much too busy for my old boy Red, and her to be brother Lenny. So with not a few tears she went back to her home last night.

I have had a busy time knitting this week I have finished wee Isobella's cardi, I have knitted my first item with beads, the wee necklace that is in the designer one skein book. It looks really good so will be doing that again. I finished the scarf from the same book too. This is for me and goes with my lovely fingerless gloves both of which will be coming with me to Bremen to Jeremy and Annette's wedding. You never know it may be a wee chilly in Germany. (yea right especially as it is so warm and dry here).

Well off now to see a pal before she goes off to Australia working and touring and doesn't know when she will be back.

I will learn how to post pics soon on my blog and when I get it right will post pics of my completed projects asap.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

What a week!

Well what a week I have had. Firstly one of our lovely girls was missing from the stitch and bitch group and as she was due her first in only a week or so it kept us all agog wondering. I was dashing of to Glasgow that night on my way done to Ilkely (as in the song "On Ilkley moor by tat" as sung by my father many and hogmanay (him being a yorkshire man and my mum being a canny scot). So early on Friday morning O.H. red and I set of down the motorway.

Now in true knitter style I had to make a detour to the New Lanark Mill never been there and wow is it worth a visit. Anyway Red enjoyed the walk in the beautifull grounds.. O.H. enjoyed the mechanical bits and a good scone and well I shopped for yarn......................

We set of again an hour later with a much more laden Mazda and me desperate to start knitting swatches with all my purchases. However I was good and only actually started them on the way home 2 days later after finishing a second fingerless mitt. and upto a tricky part of emily's sock (tricky because I needed my fifth dpn and it was still at

Well the 3 colour swatches have been knitted and are about to be put into the washing machine to see how much they shrink and how dense the felt becomes.

The trip to Ilkley was not only about knitting it was really to visit a lovely bike shop with a lovely ventana tandem to test ride. Well to cut a very long and muddy story short it was brilliant the guys in the shop took Red in hand and fussed him while we were out and of course Rob and I got down to some serious riding. The bike was an amazing experience lighter quicker and oh so much more comfortable (that being on my b*m as it is full suspension). We had to order a frame and common sense prevailed on the colour of the tandem. Nancy (named in memory of grandma who enabled us to buy her) is a wonderful royal blue colour. She should arrive from the states around 8 - 10 weeks time. And boy are we excited.

we managed to find a couple of amazingly good eateries while away and Rob took advantage of the full english where we stayed.

I had forgotten how lovely the moors are. Having such lovely places here in scotland to ride. It is not better or worse just very very different riding and we promised ourselves to go back when we can.

Came home all rested to find that Lindsay's dog Dave was unwell. he kept being sick. Sad to say that this bit doesn't have a good ending. After his x-ray today where they found a tumor on his liver in his lungs and in his stomach he went to the rainbow bridge. We are all very shocked and sad needless to say. He was a lovely pointer boy who showed no pain and was happy to the last. We only had him for 6 weeks as his original owner is at the moment fighting cancer herself. We have not told her yet. It will be up to her family to see if it is best she knows or not. Poor woman only had him re-homed because she was getting so ill and the prognosis wasn't good. She wanted him to be in a happy home. Well Dave you are already missed sorely by all of us.

Run free Dave free from pain and with as many rabbits, pheasants and squirrels you want to chase. We love you.

So today I was said but I want to finish this blog on a happy note and it is that yes our missing girl was in fact giving birth to a lovely new wee knitter called Abigail and mum dad and baby are doing grand.

Ain't life grand!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

What we do to our bodies!

Well I am now on day two of a new medication which is to help me with my weight hmmm feel a bit sickly to be honest. So to make myself feel better have spent all afternoon moving two shelves of books into a cupboard and placing all my favourites from my stash on to the shelves....

Yes they are in the lounge and no I am not mad....

I just love it when you go into LYS and all those lovely colours and textures are there to see and touch and thought why spend on a yarn because it was a lovely colour or texture and then put it away out of sight....

When the other half gets in I will try to get a photo to post and show...

It is such a shame that there is still at least two ottermans still full to the brim with yarns.

While sorting found various started projects eeeeekkkk!

1. Face cloth in cotton (Centre to do)
2. Cable cuffed cardi/jacket for me in a lovely stylecraft blue fleck...( only just started)
3. Cardi for me in a lovely Jaeger sienna 4ply (only just started)
4. Socks in Regia bamboo (ist pair ever and one finished)
5. Cardi for Isobella (needs to be done by Sept for wedding) On the sleeves then a border to do on circulars
6. Cardi/jacket thingy for me again in Louisa Harding flotsam (only very small bit to do)
7. One fingerless glove to do to finish a set for stall at christmas.
8. Clanger ( knitting done just sewing up to do)

Now can you see how things go with me. I buy a yarn and just have to start it straight away and don't finish the previous project then oh no I dread picking it up again and finding I have lost where I am..... I know just look and count and all will be obvious...

So I am promising here not to start anything else till I finish Isobella's cardi and My jackety thing in LH flotsom

..............Oh look the postie delivered some new yarn this morning a lovely pink/purple lang multicolour yummy can't wait to start

Monday, 11 August 2008

small beginings

Hi well here goes never done this and not even sure what I will find to share.

Well today I read a friends blog and thought how good it was and thought why not try too. So here I am. My title small beginings is about lots of things for start this is a small begining for me lol well those of you who know me know I don't do anything small....

Today is also the first day of me trying a new medication to try and help with my weight loss issues hmmm a fat binder or something any way will try it and see.

I have lots I want to say but no time tonight so will finish here and see you all next time