Saturday, 28 February 2009

new yarn and new projects finished..

Well this has been about two weeks since I last posted and I am not sure all the things I have done but here is a few.
I managed to treat my self to some yarn and fleece from Auld Maiden Aunt valentines sale very yummy not got photos yet but will try to get them sorted very soon.
I have now finished a small capelet in James Brett Marble DK. This maybe acryllic but it does feel so nice when knitted up.

The Bear is called Harris and he doesn't seem to mind wearing a lovely ruffly capelet. Harris was a lovely gift from my D.H. before we were married and he came with us on our honeymoon to the wonderful tour of the Hebrides and so visited his name sake Harris. Ahhh bliss the thought of the wonderful beaches on Harris.

I have also done some lovely socks Called Bremen socks these are gorgeous.. .

I did these when I came across the pattern on Ravelry and I had visited the lovely city of Bremen last September to a friends wedding. Red likes them

Now if any of you haven't been to Bremen I can highly recommend a visit it is a lovely market town in germany with the most efficient trams. They tell you a tram will be in in 2 minutes and of course it is spot on time. It is such a lovely town with amazing architecture and some lovely shops.

This was the church that Jeremy and annetta got married in it was so beautiful. On the Sunday they also had an art exhibition in there after the service and we were treated to some lovely wooden sculptures what do you think?

Aren't they amazing I just love looking at them.

Didn't come across much in the line of wools shops but one wee shop did have some lang sock yarn which I am just starting to use for darling hubby as I am writing I know another wip. But these are plain stocking stitch so just for those times when my wee brain is feeling

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

phot fest

Here are some photo's of the finished work this week. First are some plain socks for Lindsay she has been waiting a long time for them so I just sat down and did them. I do like how the yarn pools and then stripes very clever..

This is the smock a rouche scarf from one skein wonders book. The smocking looks so good but unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice.

And finally a pair of Bremen socks just cast on

And some photos of Basil in the snow today he was very brave when he had his stitches out and will soon be able to be out and about with out a tee shirt (stops him chewing his scar a bit)

"Come on Red it won't bite and I will stop chasing you soon" I Will I Will !!!!

Okay I will have to roll I will I am going to show you look its fun Red

So you look at the snow first and decide which way to roll then.........

Over you go oooooooooh !

And finally you just keep wiggling it make Auntie Sandy Laugh so much...

Red of course didn't join in he is much to mature and dignified Bless. Basil will be going home on friday and I must say he will be missed for lots of reasons and yes they are all good ones. I love a dog with charactor and he has it in buckets I am so lucky to get involved with BARKING MAD.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Well Basil has been here over a week now and he is such a charactor that it seems as if he has always lived with us. He is so good off the lead and has had lots and lots of hill walks this week. The lovely snow has made it so nice to go out with both my boys...(Red and Basil).

To watch these two is a lesson on life. Basil is the young energetic, dashing here there and wanting to have attention and praise. So like us humans when we are in the teen years. He also gets this gleam in his eye and you know he is about to be a wee monkey..(Kevin the teenager comes to mind). Where as Red is slower more dignified. Happy to run around on his terms and allow Basil to join in but when he thinks it is too silly he just doesn't bother. He looks down his long nose at the wee rascal and seems to say "CHILL" and we Basil stops for a moment before bouncing off again saying "please please play? Go on Go on Play play!!!" Oh for the energy of the young he seems to think and then he looks from Basil to me and Rob and justs sighs... It is so so funny.

We have not always taken the camera much to my shame as the photo's would have been excellent on the loop around Glen Kin on Sunday morning. It was nice a crispy and sunny. We got home in time for the Scotland Rugby match and the snow then came down and down and we have got a lovely covering of snow...

On the knitting front well I have finished the socks for Lindsay just some plain socks made with Regia sock yarn bought ages ago. I have some left over so just trying to make a wee pair for Emily but will see if there is enough. Sock one done.

I am also making the smock a ruche scarf from one skein wonders in some wool ease in green heather which I got as a swap present. It is lovely and soft and nice to knit with. I took it along yesterday to the rural knitting group and found that as usual I couldn't follow a pattern while talking and I need to frog the last smock section back BAH Humbug!! I am about half way thro this project.

My thinking is that if I can get some things done when they are not needed I will be ahead of pressie making!!!

It is February 10th and for outlander forum members on Ravelry it is clan assignment day. I am in Clan beauchamp as before and I already have my new clan avitar a lovely dragonfly pendant. Not sure how to get the picture onto here so if you want to see it please feel free to go along and look in Ravelry.

Health and energy have been a bit hit and miss for months now and I am not sure what more I can do to help this but I am hoping that all this snow and frost will kill of some of the awful bugs which are about and that alone will help all of us who have lowered immune systems.

I was sent this video clip yesterday by a mountain biking friend and I must say it really made me remember it isn't what you can do or can't do but how you are with your self and others that really makes you happy. I am hoping I get this link on correctly so here's hoping.

hurrah it worked after a bit of messing around.

Bye for now, bye from Red and Bye from Basil the seatbelt chewing, tee-shirt chewing, stitches chewing itchy dog.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Basil comes with a rush....

Well Basil the 3 ish Lurcher came to stay curtesy of Barking Mad and Marion and Allistair. As the title of this says he came and made a real big impression. Within minutes of arriving and before he met Red and Freya (my greyhound and my daughters) he charged into the garden catching his side on a garden bench and ripped a big hole in his side....

This photo shows how Basil looked after all the rush to the vets, stitches and a whole night with no sleep. His scar will be very neat but his hair will not be regrown by the time his mum and dad get back from spain...He is one very brave boy and very adorable I will update you very soon with more of the Basil diaries I think they are going to be very very eventful... watch this space.