Saturday, 28 February 2009

new yarn and new projects finished..

Well this has been about two weeks since I last posted and I am not sure all the things I have done but here is a few.
I managed to treat my self to some yarn and fleece from Auld Maiden Aunt valentines sale very yummy not got photos yet but will try to get them sorted very soon.
I have now finished a small capelet in James Brett Marble DK. This maybe acryllic but it does feel so nice when knitted up.

The Bear is called Harris and he doesn't seem to mind wearing a lovely ruffly capelet. Harris was a lovely gift from my D.H. before we were married and he came with us on our honeymoon to the wonderful tour of the Hebrides and so visited his name sake Harris. Ahhh bliss the thought of the wonderful beaches on Harris.

I have also done some lovely socks Called Bremen socks these are gorgeous.. .

I did these when I came across the pattern on Ravelry and I had visited the lovely city of Bremen last September to a friends wedding. Red likes them

Now if any of you haven't been to Bremen I can highly recommend a visit it is a lovely market town in germany with the most efficient trams. They tell you a tram will be in in 2 minutes and of course it is spot on time. It is such a lovely town with amazing architecture and some lovely shops.

This was the church that Jeremy and annetta got married in it was so beautiful. On the Sunday they also had an art exhibition in there after the service and we were treated to some lovely wooden sculptures what do you think?

Aren't they amazing I just love looking at them.

Didn't come across much in the line of wools shops but one wee shop did have some lang sock yarn which I am just starting to use for darling hubby as I am writing I know another wip. But these are plain stocking stitch so just for those times when my wee brain is feeling

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Flavaknits said...

Lovely photo's , sorry I put my photo of your sock on my blog , not as good as yours!
BTW , tag your het!