Sunday, 22 March 2009

woolfish goodies

Hi there,

Well I am late with this blog update but the world has been a bit busy. So thought I would just post some pics of my new yarns and fleecy stuff all bought at the woolfish festival. This is a really lovely festival and the three of us are counting down the days to the next one in November.

So here goes some fleecy stuff first.

This is a lovely bundle of merino/silk mix bought from yarnyard. I love the colours of this one cant wait to try spinning it.

Now by the same wonderful woman a lovely merino/silk mix in gorgeous pinks and peaches...For my clan sisters this looks like it could be a clan yarn when spun...

Can you see the lovely sheen from the silk content yummy bliss.

I also got some in a blue combination and so here is a picture of all of them together.

Now here are some pics of skeins I got out of her bargin basket. Some silk merino sock weight and some lace weight. (for a project in the future)

Drat can't download the others at moment so here are the two lovely items I got from fibrespates on the Sunday morning..

Firstly some lovely lace weight which I just fell in love with.

And this is scrumptious in a gorgeous rich jewel red

I bought even more from woolfish but can't download at the moment so will finish there and try to include those goodies when I catch up with the rest of the news from this last two weeks.


Flavaknits said...

They are just gorgeous , can't wait to see what they look like spun up and plied!


Once A Sheep said...

You really don't need the claret, it's not your colour, won't suit you, now me on the other hand I'm a claret girl through and through. Would you like me to help relieve you of your claret???

tandemsandy said...

oh I am so sorry once a sheep I have seen what I am going to do with it so so sorry.

Leslie said...

Jealous (1)