Saturday, 29 November 2008

First Snow today

Brrrrrrrr. Well not been on the blog for a wee while, been a real busy few weeks. Managed to get to my first spinning class and loved it. ops still not taken a photo of the finished yarn yet doh....I am now eagerly waiting for my wheel who will be called Edna. I am so excited. I have had some lovely catching up sessions with friends and after meditation this morning I sat at Benmore Cafe and watched 3 Red Squirrels squabble over a nut dispenser they were so very funny and so quick. They can scale a Red Wood in seconds while spiralling around it too. While this was happening I was also witness to some Jays trying to pluck up the courage to land on the feeding table while two Robins squared up to each other. It was such a privilage to watch this all the better after a lovely mediation amongst the set tables for St Andrews day party. Thanks to Ali, Edna, and two newer ladies for the lovely meditation energy this morning. The snow just made it more beautiful when we walked out into the cold. Bliss.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Well what a brill weekend. I managed to spend no money and some how managed not to do much knitting! (I know that is not a good thing but my wee body needed to have a real break) So I did lots of just organising my kitchen and stash and sewing / button box. All jobs I feel a wee bit smug about. lol.

I am back at the dreaded weight watchers and have had a good week so far. Not many blips and a couple of really good saying no to naughty choices...(the slimmer me is in there I just need to find her).

So with this new found committment I have had a far few extra walks. Poor Red is a wee bit lame will need to give him a few less walks. I have been along to a new class called Restorative Yoga and really was amazed at how happy I felt to be there. Jude is a lovely tutor and her hubby doing the stretches alongside made some nice eye candy for all of us. Hope neither her or my D.H. read this blog or I could be in trouble. I also managed to do the dog thing with my toes tucked under it wasn't a strain and she worked us up to it so that is good. The relaxation was brill and I could have stayed for longer. I also liked the chanting at the end om and shanti was really lovely and the male voices really do vibrate.

So got up this morning and body feels a bit well there. Not sore but definately there. So that is good.

The two knitting groups over this side I go to are going really well. Mondays more mature group are very interesting to listen too learning so much about how things happened in the area over the last 60+years. The Tuesday group well that goes from strength to strength. Our member who lives in the States was missed but she will be back again probably in January. Great fun was had when the cheese scones came through straight from the oven and no I didn't have one SAINT SANDY is how I should be known from now on lol....

I am now trying my first lace pattern following a chart..... Well perhaps that should be I have frogged my 7th attempt just now and written on ravelry for help... If it doesn't get sorted soon I will just give up again....bah humbug.

On the most exciting front I am only 5 days from my first spinning class wow I am so excited.

Oho D.H. arrived and wants the computor.

Will get back when I can.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

phew need to stop soon

Hi guys and girls, well what a few weeks I have had. I spent most of the last 3weeks knitting frantically so that I would have some crafts to sell at the big craft fayre in Dunoon. Phew made it. I am promising myself some fun knitting now as it has been noticeable that I haven't enjoyed this pressure. So have promised myself to knit some things every month for next years stall and then I won't have to produce something at the last minute.

I would love to also remember to finish off everything to the end before starting something else. hmmmm well that is the I know the roads are paved with good intentions..

So what else have I been doing this last month...

I have been instrumental in the starting of two new knitting groups. One is being held at a local gallery on a Tuesday morning and we have had some really lovely new people and I want to take a moment to mention here that Ann you are already missed. We loved hearing all about your spinning and soap making and look forward to seeing you again when you are back for another visit from the States.

The other group is being held at my local village hall and although open to all does mainly consist of our local rural group. This an interesting group for me as most of the members are over 60+ and some of the tales that get told are just amazing and often very amusing.

So with all this knitting and socialising I have only managed to keep my holistic therapy business ticking along. The bank manager would like me to give it more attention I know.

The weather has actually been quite good for a few days and tho it is not too good today that is not a problem because we have an appointment to watch the Rugby this afternoon.

Thinking of watching things "Quantum of Solace". Hmmmm We have always loved the James Bond films and think Daniel Craig is brill. But I was a bit disappointed with this film. I am not sure what happened. It has good car chases, lots and lots of action but somehow I just didn't get the feeling of suspense I expected. This film somehow managed to underwhelm me and my hubby. (Rob is a real Bond Film fan). I Don't think having the film interrupted in the middle helped. The sound carried on but alas no picture and due to now not having a projectionist in each screen room it was over 10 mins before this was corrected. This may have made a difference to the suspense but still I left feeling a bit flat...On a positive note wow were the seats really really comfortable for the first time ever well done The Odeon at Escape in Glasgow the new seating is brill...

Now for a Nancy update. Well Rob and I took her out on Sunday for a birthday ride with the club. Alas she broke. Rob and I managed to bend 3 rings on the cassette so she was stuck in gears which meant any small incline was really tough. So the ride was taken down to levelish ground and we still had a lovely ride. Finished off with tea and coffee (thanks Helen) and Brioche and cake (thanks Jerry for the former). It was a lovely end to a really social ride. The club is also growing and a night ride on Tuesday followed. I unfortunately couldn't take part because of the broken cassette on Nancy. She should be mended by tomorrow so we can take her out again very soon.

Red is now better and enjoying going for walks again and I am about to knit him a wee jacket to help keep him warm in drafty cold Milton.....(wood burner needed very soon).

Well I am shattered just reading this but I want to read a book now learnt from a friend about spinning and have a go at some spindle spinning which she has kindly learnt me too. (thanks Mhari)

Not much on this week but at the weekend I am off over the water to a spinning class and can't wait I really like the idea of making something from start to finish. So not only do I want to knit I would love to manage to spin too.

So on this momentous week when America gets its first Black President I am happy to say that I was alive to see this. The world can only be a better place.

Meta Sandy