Saturday, 29 November 2008

First Snow today

Brrrrrrrr. Well not been on the blog for a wee while, been a real busy few weeks. Managed to get to my first spinning class and loved it. ops still not taken a photo of the finished yarn yet doh....I am now eagerly waiting for my wheel who will be called Edna. I am so excited. I have had some lovely catching up sessions with friends and after meditation this morning I sat at Benmore Cafe and watched 3 Red Squirrels squabble over a nut dispenser they were so very funny and so quick. They can scale a Red Wood in seconds while spiralling around it too. While this was happening I was also witness to some Jays trying to pluck up the courage to land on the feeding table while two Robins squared up to each other. It was such a privilage to watch this all the better after a lovely mediation amongst the set tables for St Andrews day party. Thanks to Ali, Edna, and two newer ladies for the lovely meditation energy this morning. The snow just made it more beautiful when we walked out into the cold. Bliss.

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Flavaknits said...

What a beautiful photo ! IT is lovely to sit and be and watch nature at work. I saw a gorgeous bird of prey on a tree as I drove to Glasgow, then a hare crossed my path (thank goodness its quick! lol)