Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Holiday when? Did I have one?

Odd title? No not really I have had a holiday and a wondeful one it was too but the world seems to have rushed in again a bit too quickly for me... So I am going to take a wee breath again tomorrow morning and go out with D.D. to Oban..... bliss.

Well the holiday at Loch Tay was wonderful we had really lovely snowy weather and well the frost kept crisp and lovely.

This is the view of the cottages one afternoon when the sun was low and lighting up the forest behind us.. Gorgeous or what..

We did lots of walks and I am not sure who was most tired one day me or Red. We were so lucky on that walk we got to be quite close to a soaring Red Kite. Rob and I were breathless with its beauty and serenity up above our frozen world. Red was not impressed think he thought it was his out of fit mum wanting a break in the walk to catch her Not that time but most times he would be correct. This walk was a bit of an impromptue one and well after a good 4 miles we came across an 8 foot deer fence and locked gate. Now locked gate and tall style and a greyhound.... Well after much scratching of heads, walking along fences etc we eventually lifted the gate of its hinges. Got Red through and then it was a good 10mins trying to put the blasted thing back on the hinges... Anyway off we trudged again....

Here is a photo of the two of us carrying on with the walk while Rob was taking some photo's of the fantastic views. Then after another half a mile we came across exactly the same a big fence and a big locked gate. Then hinges were rusted on but we did manage to find a smallish hole in one of the fences and picked up and pushed poor we Red through it much to his disgust he is one regal boy and this was definately below his dignity..

Will find some photo's of the regal boy soon promise. Anyway the walk finished it took 3 hours for 5 3/4miles and I was proud of how well I managed the first hill climb in the snow and ice without my walking poles (yes I forgot them again).

The holiday was just what we both needed time away from clients and just walking eating drinking and vegging.. The eating and drinking was helped by the wonderful Kenmore Hotel which allowed dogs in the bar area and had a super big log fire for Red and his mummy and daddy to relax in front of. Across from our cottage was a lovely food and gifts place called the Courtyard and well lots of christmas presents got bought there as well as a highlight of the week dinner for Rob Haggis Lasgne he loved it sounds strange but recommended by him..The rest of the time we just sat read books ( I of course knitted and knitted) . We had a couple of trips out in the car and went to Avimore, Pitlochry and Queens view (this was followed by a lively stop at Posttaste, at Kinloch Rannock. A wee postoffice which has diversified to a cafe with licence and on this occasion was holding the local ladies group christmas lunch. I can only say as a member of a Asbo group they would also

The final thought and memory about the cottage was the size of its bed..!!!!!! one of the biggest beds I have ever seen... Wow you could have fitted the whole Scotland Rugby team and us in it... lol.

Back home well I have been to my Gallery knitting group who have all been busy with their holiday knitting while I was away but also doing Teddies for Tragedies here are a few photos of the girls and the teddies too.

Crissie and Joanne having a blether and a pile of teddies on the table too.

Leonie Jo Crissie My empty chair and my mum Joy.

The other side of the table is Mary with her carrer Linda (I think) Jo and Amber.
Sadly Jenny and Isa were not with us this week and our friend Ann is back in the states till sometime January.

Bit closer view of the teddies over Ali's shoulder.
I then went to the christmas meal at the Rural last night and was a member of the winning quiz team but got knocked out of musical arms quite quickly.... Santa came to see us and well lets just say he was a big tall stranger who had a wicked sense of humour..
Today after a 2 hour wait to see the doctor just to be told to call back the next day... And finding that I have got one very cold house. The holiday just seems to be long ago..

but sharing some of this with you my mates well it has reminded me of all the fun I had and do have all the time. I just hope that my Uncle George gets better very very quickly.

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Leslie said...

Well, I want to come and knit with you all. Thanks for the comment about my sock. Down to the toe now.