Monday, 22 December 2008

Edna has arrived

well last Thursday saw Ali and I going to meet Janet to collect our new to us wheels. Mine is called Edna and Ali is thinking of a name at the moment.

Once we got out of the Hospital after an appointment to meet. We went to Cafe Continental and had a lovely meal of Macaronni and cheese with extra onion rings Yummy. They have half portions available but of course I didn't take it and neither did Ali.

We then went along to Flava to wait for our S&B group to start.

It was an early start due to some having to leave early coz their baby would be breaking the law if she stayed after 8 o'clock..And the lovely couple who were babysitting their friends daughter. We were all excited as it was secret santa night. Once we had all arrived Santa came and well what a lot of lovely and talented people give to santa. I was so lucky I got a lovely pair of fingerless mitts in Moss stitch (seed stitch) in 50 0/0 alpaca and 50 0/0 silk ........yummy. I also got a lovely long scarf in 100 0/0 wool both are in lovely shades the mitts a very blue red colour and the scarf is varigated reds and really lovely too.

I had a very sore throat on the night and I think most of the members found it amusing to see me struggling to get myself heard, so not normal for This cold virus has taken its toll this winter and many of my friends have had real problems. I haven't improved and had some unexplained spots appear too that really are sore. Well visit to G.P. and well I have a case of the on high doses of medication for the next week and must say finding the pain a bit more than sore so now having pain killers too.

Knitting this week is all about getting the kilt hose finished it has been such a mammoth task this time not sure why they are taking me so long. But got both to the heel turn and have now turned one and am along the foot so should get that finished tonight, tomorrow morning and then it is onto the last heel/foot and a wash tomorrow evening, blocking and drying and a very quick wrapping session on Thursday morning if not before.........Will take photos tomorrow and post them when I do.

I want to wish all my friends a very healthy and happy Christmas and well 2009 to be all they would like it to be.

Must start thinking about my New years resolutions.........any ideas..


Flavaknits said...

Oooh! sorry to hear you have shingles, thats nasty! Hope you are well enough to enjoy a good Christmas with your hubby and family.
luv Mx

blog-blethers said...

Hope you're well on the road to recovery. Shingles are not nice!

Just wanted to wish you and yours a wonderful festive season - and may 2009 bring health and happiness.

Great shots of Loch Tay too ... got me all homesick there:o)