Friday, 30 January 2009


Hurrah I have managed to finish the dragonfly socks that I was doing as part of the KAL and read along on the Outlander forum on Ravelry. Here are a couple of pictures of the socks with edna my darling wheel.
Isn't Edna a gorgeous wheel....

sorry that the pictures look a bit bleary but the D.H. has been using the camera and I don't really know how to put it back to point and shoot...Arghhhh
This has been a very lovely week I managed to get to all three knitting groups and knit and not frog down my work when I got home.
I also managed to say hello and goodbye to a friend in the last week. Gale came back from South Africa for a brief visit and it was so very nice to see here and to catch up on all her news and how she is settling in. Really lovely. The goodbye was not bad as it involved a lovely new mum friend who is back home to America to visit family and friends for a month. They will have a lovely time but it was with a wee sadness that I said goodbye last thursday silly I know but that is how it is.
I have also signed up with twitter this week and I am just getting to grips with this. I see that it seems to encourage those looking for high number of friends to try and pull you in but I am determined not to get drawn in to this. I have found a couple of interesting people to follow and find it fascinating.
I am now a host for Barking Mad this is a lovely way to see other dogs and get a bit of wool money for me. In this ecconomic climate I need to find wool funds. Anyway the lovely Bazil is coming to stay on Sunday for a couple of weeks and Red should love that. Will post photo's with Red and Freya next time.
Well it is time to get organised for the weekend of family and friends so must dash hope to be back before long.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

ops its now 2009 and this is first blog!!

Well it is now 2009 and I have only just managed to get to the blog. It is not the writting that keeps me back but the sorting of the photo's so I can post them I am so slow at this stuff. Anyway here are some pics of the work I have done this month so far.

This is a wee wrap for new baby Thomas who came along a couple of weeks early and caught us all out. He is gorgeous and I am so looking forward to seeing him soon. This is knit from a pattern I got out of The Wheel and it is knit in one piece and is done in 3ply. I love it.
I also knitted a wee sleep sack and hats and mitts the hat and mitts are very wee but the sleepsack will last him for a long time..

what do you all think? I knitted this with double knit wool and also used the odd row of variegated yarn too. Not knowing it was Thomas and not a girl baby meant I went for something very neutral and then whipped up the wee blue wrap after he was born.

I have also managed to finish one Dragonfly pattern sock for my KAL with the outlander group. It caused amusment because it seems to have two heels!!! but feels ok on. I haven't frogged it yet because I decided to wait and see what I did wrong and see if I do it again so I can get help... anyway here is a couple of photo's

Well I have managed to loose the photo's so many times I am going to give up now...Hope this blog finds you all well and remember each minute is a new one!