Monday, 22 September 2008

It is sunny

Hurray, it has eventually stopped raining. Oh doesn't it help so much. The weather is such an influence in our lives. Why I don't know as we can't change what happens. I try not to moan about it but after this summer anyone would have had enough of wet wet wetness.

Any way I was in contact with a pal this week and found that I was really missing seeing her. I have had almost daily contact thro texts, calls and emails for the last 5 years but today I really just wanted some of that human contact you only get face to face and hug to hug.

We do tend to take seeing our friends for granted and I am just happy to have such good friends. And at least they are able to be in contact thro all this technology. I still miss my hand held letters but it is nice to hear back much sooner and then at least your questions and answers tend not to cross in the post and you can have a wee bit less of a stilted conversation.

Now I know this should be a knitting blog so back to knitting things. Well this week I came across that familiar conundrum. I want to knit this and with my mighty stash I just don't have the correct yarn. Now the O.H. won't believe this and last night when I kept getting up from the sofa and pacing around in the middle of film we both wanted to watch he ended up saying what is the problem. Well I daren't tell him this so I said I was lost looking for something easy suitable for knitting in front of a film.... A wee smart lie I feel.

This week I have finished two bags and a small purse. All felted and I am only happy with one at the moment. I think now that I am able to sell my creations at a local gallery I will be much less happy with my things just because it will seem that someone is judging my work. Silly I know coz I knit for my pleasure. So I will have to look into how to kerb this negative reaction.

Must be time for my light box to become aired a bit more. How I love my light box. Without it I found it hard the first few winters up in Bonnie Scotland. How people further north cope with longer darker winters is beyond me. Perhaps if you are born to it, it is easier.

My swap items are going well. I am loving meeting more knitters who love Jamie and Claire as much as me... Hmmm brain having to work a lot tho.

I always start writing this hoping to be funny and witty but seem to find that it becomes a bit of a ramble so thank you for reading my ramble and one day you never know it maybe amusing....


Flavaknits said...

Its best not to try too hard at this blog thing , just ramble , we all love it! But where are the pictures!

Once A Sheep said...

I can really relate to the lack of sunshine feelings. I have loved the past 3 days with a bit of warmth on my back out in the garden.
I too have been really indecisive about what to knit from the newest stash and have ended up frogging as a result!