Tuesday, 30 September 2008

wet wet day

Hi well it is wet once again here in scotland. I am now having to use my lightbox to help with SAD. It really helps thought about it for years but when my ultra fit g.p. admitted that she uses one even tho she goes out jogging etc every day I thought why not give it a try and yep it is good. I use it while knitting and it does help with seeing better too.

Well I have almost completed all my bits and pieces for my swap sporan. And I am so excited, just a wee bit of finishing up to do.

I am having a wee bit of a struggle with the dreaded M.E. at the moment but as usual it will be ok as long as I start to really listen to my poor body. So not as much charging around and also need to eat properly.

Nancy is due today (our new tandem frame) and also a lovely new yarn from a new supplier so excitement all round.

On a silly note I managed to lay on my Brittany 4mm needles and yep I snapped them doh dipstick I know.

I saw my lovely granddaughter yesterday and she is a wee minx. She is a stubborn wee monkey sometimes and giving her mum and dad a merry dance. Tantrums are the order of the day now. Oh I so remember it from Lindsay and Ann-marie, it seems like only yesterday which is worrying as it is over 25yrs and 23yrs argh I must be getting old!!

And policemen are getting younger, I know coz stan and Ellie are up this weekend and well he is so young looking and he does such a wonderful job. I am in awe of how all Lindsay's friends have grown up so quickly and doing such amazing things.

Well it is now time for a cuppa tea so I am off to sit down with my feet up and do some knitting

Take care of your selves and hugs from me to you all.

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Flavaknits said...

Sorry to hear about your ME (and Brittanys) - take it easy and hopefully it will pass soon.
Look forward to seeing your stuff on Thursday!