Monday, 8 September 2008

going curly

Hi well it is a couple of weeks since I last spoke on my blog. If i am honest it took me ages today to remember how to get into the writing area of the blog lol.

well as the title lets you know I have suddenly decided to go curly...I have kept my asymetric cut but it is now very very curly. I feel so glamourous. Now why did I do this well two reasons really. As those of you who know me personally will know lately the hot flushes have been really bad and when one comes on I am dreanched face, body and hair is plastered. I have a wedding this week in Bremen and I want to feel glamourous so curls were the only way to go. It will survive a drenching so I will still feel glamourous while seriptiously wiping my wet brow...

On the dog front we still miss Dave. We had a wee girl collie to come along for the weekend but although she was adorable she was not in the right home. She was only 16months old and so was much too busy for my old boy Red, and her to be brother Lenny. So with not a few tears she went back to her home last night.

I have had a busy time knitting this week I have finished wee Isobella's cardi, I have knitted my first item with beads, the wee necklace that is in the designer one skein book. It looks really good so will be doing that again. I finished the scarf from the same book too. This is for me and goes with my lovely fingerless gloves both of which will be coming with me to Bremen to Jeremy and Annette's wedding. You never know it may be a wee chilly in Germany. (yea right especially as it is so warm and dry here).

Well off now to see a pal before she goes off to Australia working and touring and doesn't know when she will be back.

I will learn how to post pics soon on my blog and when I get it right will post pics of my completed projects asap.


Flavaknits said...

I love how you equate curly with glamourous - thats me, always glam! hehehe!
Have fun in Germany , can't believe how fast you are knitting these days - me I'm a slow coach!!!!

Once A Sheep said...

Have a great time at the wedding looking forward to seeing the new curly you next week