Tuesday, 26 August 2008

What a week!

Well what a week I have had. Firstly one of our lovely girls was missing from the stitch and bitch group and as she was due her first in only a week or so it kept us all agog wondering. I was dashing of to Glasgow that night on my way done to Ilkely (as in the song "On Ilkley moor by tat" as sung by my father many and hogmanay (him being a yorkshire man and my mum being a canny scot). So early on Friday morning O.H. red and I set of down the motorway.

Now in true knitter style I had to make a detour to the New Lanark Mill never been there and wow is it worth a visit. Anyway Red enjoyed the walk in the beautifull grounds.. O.H. enjoyed the mechanical bits and a good scone and well I shopped for yarn......................

We set of again an hour later with a much more laden Mazda and me desperate to start knitting swatches with all my purchases. However I was good and only actually started them on the way home 2 days later after finishing a second fingerless mitt. and upto a tricky part of emily's sock (tricky because I needed my fifth dpn and it was still at milton...lol.

Well the 3 colour swatches have been knitted and are about to be put into the washing machine to see how much they shrink and how dense the felt becomes.

The trip to Ilkley was not only about knitting it was really to visit a lovely bike shop with a lovely ventana tandem to test ride. Well to cut a very long and muddy story short it was brilliant the guys in the shop took Red in hand and fussed him while we were out and of course Rob and I got down to some serious riding. The bike was an amazing experience lighter quicker and oh so much more comfortable (that being on my b*m as it is full suspension). We had to order a frame and common sense prevailed on the colour of the tandem. Nancy (named in memory of grandma who enabled us to buy her) is a wonderful royal blue colour. She should arrive from the states around 8 - 10 weeks time. And boy are we excited.

we managed to find a couple of amazingly good eateries while away and Rob took advantage of the full english where we stayed.

I had forgotten how lovely the moors are. Having such lovely places here in scotland to ride. It is not better or worse just very very different riding and we promised ourselves to go back when we can.

Came home all rested to find that Lindsay's dog Dave was unwell. he kept being sick. Sad to say that this bit doesn't have a good ending. After his x-ray today where they found a tumor on his liver in his lungs and in his stomach he went to the rainbow bridge. We are all very shocked and sad needless to say. He was a lovely pointer boy who showed no pain and was happy to the last. We only had him for 6 weeks as his original owner is at the moment fighting cancer herself. We have not told her yet. It will be up to her family to see if it is best she knows or not. Poor woman only had him re-homed because she was getting so ill and the prognosis wasn't good. She wanted him to be in a happy home. Well Dave you are already missed sorely by all of us.

Run free Dave free from pain and with as many rabbits, pheasants and squirrels you want to chase. We love you.

So today I was said but I want to finish this blog on a happy note and it is that yes our missing girl was in fact giving birth to a lovely new wee knitter called Abigail and mum dad and baby are doing grand.

Ain't life grand!

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