Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wedding in Germany

Well what a lovely time we had in Bremen. We went to our bestman Jeremy's wedding he married Annette on Friday at 4pm at the cathedral in Bremen town centre. It was a lovely service and the bride and groom had a ball arriving by horse and carriage and leaving the same way. We spent a total of 5 days in the beautiful city and want to go back sometime to explore even more. The weather was very very warm with 28degrees at 4 on the day we arrived.

The trams are the most efficient and amazing way to get around and we had good fun travelling to and fro every day. Rob even went in his kilt to the wedding on the tram and lots of people were very interested in him !!!! I spent the trips knitting and must say it did seem to be something that they had not seen much before. No one smiled but many did stare. I had one wee man with his zimmer sit next to me and keep looking then laughing but he was probably noticing that I had lost one of my dpns. I only noticed when I stood up.

I have come back feeling very humble at how bad I am at languages and wishing I had tried harder in the past. I am determined to start lessons and think it may be spanish as I know a spanish friend and she would be a good help.

I managed to get a wee cold and cough when I got back here in wet Scotland, so I am sitting up only to knit and drink tea at the moment but once I have another nights sleep and maybe some hot toddies I am sure I will be fighting fit very soon.

I have finished my wee granddaughters socks and she is going to be able to wear them as welly socks to begin with but that is good as the wellies are a wee bit big.

I am at the moment about to cast on for my daughters socks. But I also want to start a wee project for my spoilee in my outlander swap. I won't say much more coz she may just read this blog...

I went to Oban yesterday with Jo and Ali and we had a lovely day. It was an official birthday day out for Ali. So we went to invereray and had a wee drink and piece of cake for mid morning. Once at Oban we then had to visit the Chocolate shop so a lovely couple of chocs each and another we drink. Then it was hit the wool shop. Wow did we love it at Whitemore and ? must look that up I can't remember now. doh. Used to call these episodes blonde moments but think they may now have to be classed as Senior moments. Anyway we had a lovely time. I got a hank for my spoilee and a wee card too. I am really enjoying getting organised for this outlander swap. For those of you who don't know it as outlander the first book was called Cross stitch over here. I was given one to read by Jo and well I was hooked. I now have read all the books printed to date and am eagerly waiting for the next one.

Well I am now feeling a bit tired so will stop for now. I will have to work out how to post pics sometime and then I can put more into this blog.

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