Wednesday, 1 October 2008

from little acorns lots of seeds can grow.

Well how amazing it is when you mention around about that you would like access to a knitting group nearer than over the water to go too. Months later you decide to start one of your own and as this is about to happen another source is starting one in response to you. Well now I am about to launch a Stitch and Bitch at The gallery at Blairmore, our local Womens Rural met for the first time last night this season and yes you've guessed it they want to start one too although it will be called Knit and natter. The average age is 70+ at our W.R. so it is only to be expected. So suddenly I am about to be involved in three different knitting social groups how lucky am I?

I was lucky last night to find that the speaker was Isobel from Millcroft Lavender, we were treated to a lovely talk about the way her wee business had started as a way to occupy her hands while she was having to rest while pregnant. The business now employs both her and Alistair full time and various other crafts people along the way. She outlined that the company tries to use local and tradional means to source their products. So we heard about the lovely lady whose family have been weaving Harris tweed for lifetimes who wove a whole bundle of tweed just for Millcroft. So it is a testement to Isobel's hard work and flair for business as well as a unequalled talented crafts person that this small independant business is now being hearalded as a wonder and I can recommend a visit. There is always a welcome, a good amount of home baking and a wonderful array of crafted goods.

On a more personal note Nancy arrived. Nancy is our new tandem frame and here are a couple of picks of my darling Rob unpacking her last night.

Doesn't he look proud....

wow what a stunner she is don't you all agree?
I am now not going to see much of Rob because he wants her built by the weekend so tonight is the bottom brackets...


Once A Sheep said...

She looks beautiful, I hope she treats you more carefully than your last frame, no more broken bones please!

blog-blethers said...

Thanks for saying hello on Ravelry:o) And lovely to catch up with a knitter from 'home'. Have got pics of Loch Eck on my blog from recent trip home to see parents.

Really impressed with the bike and am sure you'll enjoy some fantastic runs on it.